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Software Architecture

Software Architecture interview questions

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Top 58 Express.js Interview Questions

Express is a popular and lightweight framework for building web applications on Node.js. It leverages middleware to provide robust features for web and mobile applications and simplifies complex server-side programmi...

topic icon Express.js

36 Must-Know XGBoost Interview Questions

XGBoost, short for eXtreme Gradient Boosting, is a powerful machine learning algorithm that falls under the category of ensemble learning. Predominantly used in supervised learning environments, Xgboost constructs ne...

topic icon XGBoost

55 Fundamental Unsupervised Learning Interview Questions

Unsupervised Learning is a type of machine learning that discovers patterns and information from unlabelled datasets. This learning algorithm depends on the innate structure of the data and does not have a predefined outcome. This bl...

topic icon Unsupervised Learning

38 Must-Know Transfer Learning Interview Questions

Transfer Learning is a machine learning method where a pre-trained model is used as a starting point for a related task. It uses the knowledge of a previous model to solve a new, yet associated, problem, saving time and computing res...

topic icon Transfer Learning

Top 50 Time Series Interview Questions

Time Series is a set of data points indexed in time order, commonly used in statistics, signal processing, pattern recognition, econometrics, mathematical finance, weather forecasting, earthquake prediction, electroencephalography, c...

topic icon Time Series

70 Important TensorFlow Interview Questions

TensorFlow is a free, open-source machine learning framework developed by Google that enables developers to create models for data analysis, natural language processing, image recognition and many more. It's crucial in tech interview...

topic icon TensorFlow

70 Must-Know SVM Interview Questions

Support Vector Machines (SVM) are a powerful yet flexible type of supervised machine learning algorithm, primarily used for classification and regression tasks. SVM works by mapping ...

topic icon SVM
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